** Sometimes I walk through a store and something catches my eye. My brain thinks, "Ooo sparkly things," and then tells my wallet that I need to buy it. This section is a way for me to appease my eyes/brain. It's a list of things I would love to buy while I'm on the Spending Fast.. **

Chubby is Good


I think the Jell-O marketing campaign makes me want to buy them even more!

Lately, because of a medication I've been taking, my lips (as well as skin, eyes and hair) have been drier than the Sahara Desert. 
I have officially been through 1 tube of Burt's Bees, 2 tubes of Softlips and 1 tube of Chapstick in the last 10 days!  I've scoured my house and I can't find anymore randomly floating in a junk drawer, and I think I might have to break budget and buy some.  Wouldn't it be lovely though if I could buy one of these babies?

Clinique's Chubby Sticks sound amazing!  They are a lipcolor, chap stick and semi-gloss all in one!  Not only do they have some amazing colors (I would like to buy 4 of them), but they have some crazy-amazing moisturizing ingredients:  Shea butter, mango butter and jojoba oil.  It may as well be a fruit punch Gatorade for lips!  Alas, at $15.00, it looks like I will be admiring these babies via the web only.