** Sometimes I walk through a store and something catches my eye. My brain thinks, "Ooo sparkly things," and then tells my wallet that I need to buy it. This section is a way for me to appease my eyes/brain. It's a list of things I would love to buy while I'm on the Spending Fast.. **

Pureology Hydrate Conditoner


Perfect Timing! 

I ran of my conditioner last night.  I use expensive conditioner, because I have expensive hair.  Unfortunately, I didn't budget for "$45.00 + shipping" conditioner (I buy at a discount online retailer but use the Costco-size bottle).  The only conditioner I have in the "extra toiletries cupboard" at my house is Suave.  Awesome!  My hair is going to look awesome!  Already, I want to cheat... but I won't!  I can do it!