** Sometimes I walk through a store and something catches my eye. My brain thinks, "Ooo sparkly things," and then tells my wallet that I need to buy it. This section is a way for me to appease my eyes/brain. It's a list of things I would love to buy while I'm on the Spending Fast.. **

Say Cheese


I really want a Canon EOS 5D Mark II

A New Juicer


This one to be exact...

Chubby is Good


I think the Jell-O marketing campaign makes me want to buy them even more!

Lately, because of a medication I've been taking, my lips (as well as skin, eyes and hair) have been drier than the Sahara Desert. 

Bella Beach Cruiser


This Bella bicycle is made by Beg Bicycles.  Isn't she gorgeous?

Tropical Smoothie


It is so hot!

Pureology Hydrate Conditoner


Perfect Timing!